Aspira Wood Protector keeps wood surfaces free from algae and other microbes for months and even years.

Few would argue that the natural beauty of wood requires either nothing or very little to improve it. The Aspira technology is ideally suited to protecting wood from the damaging agents of water, microbial attack and ultraviolet radiation by its patented use of carbon nanotubes, incorporated into coatings that are designed simply to protect wooden items that we love.


Because the technology filters out harmful UV light, the surface and natural colour are preserved for longer by keeping the wood free from environmental contaminants such as water and oils. Microbial growth is kept to a minimum, yet Aspira’s carbon nanotube technology allows water vapour to pass in and out of the coating mimicking the natural breathability of fine timber.


From high performance yachts to garden decking and furniture, Preservation Paints are working towards a new generation of woodcare materials.