Green Algae

Black Algae

Aspira Render Protection


Aspira Render Protector keeps render free from green, black and even red algae.

Energy efficiency and care for our properties go hand in hand into today’s world.  Effective energy management systems such as external insulation have the additional benefit of being able to enhance the aesthetics of properties by the application of coloured and decorative render.  


However renders provide a very attractive habitat for large numbers of microbes, resulting in widespread growth of algae, fungi and other nuisance microorganisms on the surface, making buildings look unkempt and unsightly. Aspira offers a safe and practical method for microbial control by changing the surface of the render from an attractive place to colonize, to a very difficult place to grow.  By making surfaces drier and keeping oily and watery nutrients to an absolute minimum, microbial colonization is reduced or even stopped, without the use of toxic materials or soluble biocides.


Black Algae (Gloeo Capsa Magma)


Gloeo Capsa Magma, or Black Algae which is more easily said, is a much less well understood cyanobacteria and is often mistaken for pollution.  However the giveaway signs on the photograph is the abscence of growth under the window sills where there is no moisture, the additional growth around the ventilation because of the additional moisture and the streaking where it follows the rainwater path.  It is also notable that the Black Algae is not present on the brick, which it would be if it were pollution.


Removing Black Algae is very difficult.  DOFF steam cleaning is effective as are strong acid or alkaline washes, but these are difficult and expensive to apply and are very likely to damage the surface of the render.  


Coating the render with Aspira before the problem occurs is a much cheaper and more effective solution. The Aspira makes the render much less attractive for the bacteria to grow and prevents the problem at source.




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