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Mould Repellent

Hopefully you will find the answers to your questions in the list below, or the Technical Data Sheet or the Material Safety Data Sheet. If not, please contact us.

Before Applying

How do I prepare the surface prior to treatment?

The product works best when applied to a clean dry surface, free from mould or dirt. We recommend cleaning with household bleach or similar, then rinsing and allowing to dry before applying the Mould Repellent.


If there is mould in the acrylic sealant, this needs to be cut out and sealed. 


New grouting should be allowed to cure for at least 30 days before application. Grout needs to remain slightly moist while it cures to prevent the creation of dark patches. If you use Mould Repellent too soon you are trapping moisture in the grouting . This may cause structural weaknesses in the grout and cause chunks to fall out. You may also start to see mould forming around your tiles as added moisture means greater chance of microbial and bacterial growth.

Do you offer a trade discount?

This depends on how much you wish to order! Please contact us, if you wish to discuss pricing. .

What Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should I be wearing?

We recommend closed goggles, nitrile gloves and tyvek suit for professional users.  If spraying, a respiration mask is required. Please refer to product MSDS for full information

How to Apply

Can I use a brush or a roller or a cloth instead of the spray?

Yes, you can and it will probably be slightly more economical in the amount of product you use. Disposable brushes will do the job perfectly as Mould Repellent requires no special skills to apply and no special equipment. The product is designed to do the work for you!


Wash brushes after use with a conventional white spirit or cellulose thinners.

How much should I use to treat my shower?

About 10-25 ml per shower. Remember you only need to spray the grout and the silicone sealing around the bottom of the shower and in the top corners where moisture vapour may be trapped..

What area will 500 ml of Mould Repellent cover?

The coverage of the Mould Repellent depends on how porous the substrate you are treating is. The more porous the substrate, the more Mould Repellent you will need as it works by permeating the honeycomb structure of the substrate.  Approximately  6 to 10 square metres per litre.

If I accidentally spill Mould Repellent on glass will it cause damage?

No, Mould Repellent l requires a porous surface to adhere to, so will easily wash off glass.

Will Mould Repellent change the appearance of the shower or tiles?

No, it will keep your bathroom mould free without altering the appearance of the silicone sealer , grouting or tiles.

How long does it take to dry?

Approximately 8 hours dependent on humidity, temperature and air flow.

If I do not use all my Mould Repellent in one application, how long will it keep in the original container?

Approximately 12 months in the original sealed containers.

After Applying

How long will it keep mould at bay?

This depends on the frequency of shower usage, the ambient nature, humidity levels and the ventilation available.  However we would expect months and even years of mould protection.


Is the product harmful to plants and animals?

Once the Mould Repellent is dry, it is completely inert, therefore it cannot cause harm to any living thing. However while it is still wet, the Mould Repellent is toxic to living organisms. Please see our MSDS for more details 

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