Mould Removers Pros and Cons

Bathroom Mould Repellent


Check out the video to see how remarkably well our Bathroom Mould Repellent protects against red wine as well as water.


Bathroom Mould Repellent is an intelligent alternative to Mould Remover


Mould and Mildew thrive in warm, moist environments and the improvements in today's insulation standards make it much harder to ventilate the water vapour that is created by a bath and shower.


In commercial environments and especially in student accomodation, the problem with water vapour is compounded by a lack of cleaning and the sheer volume of usage.  


There are lots of Mould Removers.  Mould can be removed from grouting with a strong bleach and plenty of elbow grease, but once it is in the silicone seals these have to be cut out and replaced; an expensive, time-consuming and unpleasant task.


The Mould Repellent works by pushing away water, soap and oils from the grout and silicone where mould and mildew typically form in a bathroom or around windows.  Without the nutrients that it needs, mould cannot grow.


It is a simple choice.  Let the problem grow and then use a Mould Remover or plan ahead and use the Aspira Mould Repellent.  It will save you loads of time.


Mould Removers work in a completely different way.  They don't stop mould growing at all.  They simply remove mould once it has developed and provide no residuaul protection.



Mould Removers are higly caustic which creates a potential hazard for the user and can damage the surfaces that it is trying to clean.


Mould Removers are cheap and easy to use.






£15  150ml

Treats up to 4 Bathrooms


£40       500ml

Treats up to 20 Bathrooms

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