Untreated Wall

Treated Wall

After cleaning with Mould Remover

and one coat of Anti-Mould Paint

Mould is a big issue in a surprisingly large number of properties.  It's causes are numerous but dampness is normally at the heart of the problem.  There are also numerous sources of the damp itself: from blocked drains and cracked down pipes to condensation around windows from showers and bathrooms.


Resolving the root cause of the problem will always be a necessary part of getting rid of mould permanently - even with the Aspira 3 Step Solution.


Each component in the Solution will kill mould on its own.  The thinking behind combining all three components together is that we provide the highest levels of protection for stubborn mould sites.  The Mould Remover and Anti-Mould Paint use a chemical attack on the mould, the final stage Mould Repellent uses a physical attack.  Together they combine to provide the highest level of protection available and the only one for which each of the components individually have been tested to be Anti-Algal to ASTM 5589 and Anti-Mould to ASTM 5590, while the Mould Remover is also Anti-Bacterial to EN 1276. 


3 Step Mould Protection

Fight Mould in 3 Simple Steps

STEP 1  Aspira Mould Remover kills and removes existing growth


STEP 2  Aspira Anti-Mould Paint kills mould and covers any                         residual staining.  Can also be used as a primer.


STEP 3  Aspira Mould Repellent delivers a long term defence.


Suitable for all Wall Types


Independently Tested

Anti-Bacterial (EN1276)

Anti-Algal (ASTM 5589)

Anti-Mould (ASTM 5590)


Ready for Use.  

Treats up to 10 square metres/litre.





£100  3 x 500ml kit


 £108 5L Mould Remover 



£216 5 Litre Anti-Mould Paint



£240 5 Litre Mould Repellent



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