Flood Protection


Aspira Flood Protection will protect both the inside and the outside of your home from floodwater damage



We all use water in our routine cleaning and maintenance, yet when flood water surrounds or enters our lives it is effectively disastrous. Flood waters bring into the home or place of work an unpleasant cocktail of waterborne and oil-based contaminants including the bacteria from sewage, the bi-products of decomposition and the staining, acrid residues of the riverbed and mud.


Many of the structures in our homes and offices are highly absorbent (an engineering brick can absorb up to 250 millilitres, which is half a pint of water, after only 30 minutes immersion) and plasterboard and plastered surfaces can take up even more, creating ruinously unpleasant conditions when flood waters arrive.


Aspira’s technology when professionally applied, provides an effective defence against water penetration and ingress without being visible to the naked eye. The potential for this technology to protect structures during flooding and make cleaning up almost routine is one of the most exciting applications for Aspira.


Preservation Paints are actively developing application methods and improved technologies to offer world class protection to those who are at risk of flooding and believe that the products are uniquely placed for long term, dependable use.