There is no doubt that modern buildings constructed of modern materials are significantly more energy efficient than those constructed out of more traditional bricks and mortar. There are 22.2 million dwellings in England of which 88% were built before 1990 and 21% were built before 1919. These structures were built with scant regard to energy efficiency,yet energy efficiency is vital to every single household.


Aspira offers the potential for major energy savings because it has the ability to improve the performance of old and very old building materials by keeping them dry or drier than they normally would be with surprisingly important benefits.


A wet brick not only cools buildings by evaporative chilling (like a terracotta wine cooler) but also a wet brick conducts heat significantly quicker from inside the home to be lost outside it, than one that is dry.


At Preservation Paints we believe drier homes equal warmer homes and we are working with several national and international bodies, creating a potentially indispensable tool for the energy conscious citizen or property owner.

Energy Saving


Aspira Brick Protector saves energy by keeping the walls dryer and improving their insulation properties.

Drier Walls = Warmer Homes


By preventing moisture from entering porous building materials such as brick and cement, Aspira reduces heat losses in two ways: firstly by improving the insulation value of the material by keeping it dry and secondly by reducing the evaporative cooling effect of wet surfaces.

Nanotube inclusion helps the building to “breathe” ensuring that moisture vapour can escape so that the coated surfaces (brick, stone, render, etc.)  are not damaged.

Image demonstrates how Aspira makes home warmer by keeping the brickwork drier