Chewing Gum Repellent

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Chewing gum is a big problem across the UK.  The general public appears blissfully unaware that the horrible stuff is not bio-degradable and creates a massive problem for local authorities, facillities management companies and anyone involved in property.


The Aspira Chewing Gum Repellent coats the substrate with a layer of protection which is invisible when dry, but can easily be detected when wet through the water-beading effect. 


The Repellent can be applied with a sprayer, quickly and economically and only requires a single coat without the need to force it into the substrate hence the high coverage rates versus comparable products.


The Repellent is typically touch dry within a couple of hours outside, but takes a further 12 hours to fully cure.


The first thing you notice with the coated areas is that fresh chewing gum simply does not want to stick to it compared with the untreated surfaces.


Once the chewing gum hardens is then much easier to remove and a stiff brush will generally accomplish the task saving a significant amount of cleaning time and effort.


Our accelerated weathering testing indicates that the coating should last approximately a year before re-application, but obviously this will be affected by traffic volumes.


Material Safety Data Sheet


Technical Data Sheet


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Chewing Gum Repellent​


  • Reduces gum adhesion

  • Makes removal easier

  • Prevents staining

  • Controls algae and other microbial growth


Suitable for all Paving Types


Independently Tested

Anti-Algal (ASTM 5589)

Anti-Mould (ASTM 5590)


Ready for Use.  

Treats up to 10 square metres/litre.



£240 for 5 Litres


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