Preservation Paints Background


Preservation Paints is a specialist in new coating technology


Preservation Paints is the development company behind the Aspira technology. It is a new company formed in 2013 as a partnership between the technologies of HMG Paints of Manchester and the expertise of an experienced management and technical team.


HMG Paints is Britain’s largest independent speciality coatings manufacturer and since 1930 has been at the forefront of coatings innovation. Based in Manchester, HMG has global customers and operates at the highest standards of research and development.


The coatings industry itself is one of the oldest of man’s endeavours. Cave paintings many thousands of years old still exist, allowing us unique insights into the past. Paints and coatings are at the forefront of conservation and preservation as well as being uniquely responsible for art and literature; there would be no paintings without paint! 


Despite its long heritage the coatings industry is often seen as rather mundane and it is easy to forget that paint is the most frequently seen manmade object on the planet. Important developments in coatings can have a beneficial effect on literally billions of global citizens.



Original HMG Factory in Collyhurst, Manchester

The Aspira Aspirated Fluorocarbon Technology™ came into existence as a result of an innovative technological step forward taking a leading formulation and using state of the art additions to overcome previously intractable flaws


The Preservation Paints research team came up with the simple, but brilliant idea of combining Carbon Nanotubes into the latest generation of short chain fluoropolymers to create a new high performance, thin film coating with significant performance advantages and many application possibilities.


The Aspira products have the performance of world class paints, but unlike traditional paints, are practically invisible. Although proud members of the coatings industry, the company understands that not everything can be improved by being changed or decorated. The Aspira technology is aimed at providing protection and betterment without the need for changing appearance.


The Aspira products are manufactured to ISO9001 standards on behalf of Preservation Paints by HMG Paints at the Riverside Works in Manchester.


carbon Nanotubes are at the heart of Aspira Technology